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Hexa Nano Silver Technology, GenPure RO Water Purification Systems
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HNST Technology

RO Water Purification Process (6-Stage) to give you pure, healthy, safe and sweet drinking water.

NANO filtration is a pressure related process, during which sepration takes place, based on molecule/ion size RO Membrane having a pure size of 0.0001 micron bring about this separation. Genpure® Ultima has a fourth stage consisting of RO Membrane filter. So the water that comes through the membrane filter is free from total dissolved solids, hardness, micro-organisms, chemicals and other metallic contaminants.

SILVER is a known bacteriostatic agent. Genpure® Ultima has a sixth and final stage which contains very fine grade of Silver dosing media. RO water passing through this stage gets supplemented with traces of silver equivalent to 15-20 ppb as recommended by WHO standards. This trace quantity of silver imparts bacteriostatic property to the stored water, restrict propagation of micro-organisms inside water tank there by enhancing its shelf life and protecting it from further contamination.
Hexa Nano Silver Technology, GenPure RO Water Purification Systems

HNST Purification Steps



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   HNST Purification Steps                                                     




1 Dust Pre-Filter
Spun-bounded polypropylene
Removed suspended impurities like particles, rust and dust.
2 Inline Carbon Cartridge
Granular Activated Carbon
Removes chlorine, colour, odour and other organic impurities.
3 Sediment Filter
Spun-bounded polypropylene
Removes fine turbidity and other smaller contaminants & remaining particles.
4 Reverse Osmosis Membrane
Thin Film Composite (TFC), 0.0001 micron
Removes TDS, Hardness, Fluorides, Pesticides, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium & Arsenic etc.
Removes Bacteria, Virus and Cysts.
5 Post-RO Carbon Cartridge
Silver impregnated Granular Activated Carbon
Imparts bacteriostatic property and helps in reviving the original taste of water.
6 3-in-1 Silver Doser, Taste Conditioner & Mineraliser Step 1: Silver Dosing Media for protection against bacterial contamination with silver dosing @15-20 ppb.
Step 2: pH Boosting Media to optimise taste of water.
Step 3: Bio-ceramic mineral balls to retain essential minerals.

  HNST Silver Dosing Advantage

» Faster anti-bacterial action.

» Powerful anti-bacterial and non-toxic.

» Lower attrition rate.

» Can inhibit growth of algae and other micro-organisms.

» Restricts propogation of micro-organisms inside water tank.

» Enhances shelf life of purified water.

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